January 10, 2022
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There Won’t Be a Wave of Foreclosures in the Housing Market

  When mortgage forbearance plans were first announced and the pandemic surged

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January 2, 2022
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Expert Insights on the 2022 Housing Market

  As we move into 2022, both buyers and sellers are wondering, what’s next? Will there

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December 19, 2021
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If You Think the Housing Market Will Slow This Winter, Think Again.

  From the opportunity to take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates to changing homeowner

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December 17, 2021
Parents with two children in living room, with grandmother, father holding young girl, mother playing with toddler

Advice for First-Generation Homebuyers

The sense of pride you’ll feel when you purchase a home can’t

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December 15, 2021
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December 2021 Real Estate Market Update

Let’s jump right in and discuss inventory. When do most listings come

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December 13, 2021
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Two Reasons Why Waiting To Buy a Home Will Cost You

  If you’re a homeowner who’s decided your current house no longer

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December 11, 2021
Construction workers lifting house frame

Struggling To Find a Home To Buy? New Construction May Be an Option.

  There’s no question that the financial benefits of selling a house are outstanding

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December 7, 2021
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Why It Just Became Much Easier To Buy a Home

  Since the pandemic began, Americans have reevaluated the meaning of the

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December 5, 2021
blue loan folder on a desk top with a cup of coffee

New FHFA Loan Limit at $647,000

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) may be increasing the loan limits on

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December 3, 2021
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How To Think Strategically as a Buyer in Today’s Market

  The game of chess can provide incredible lessons to apply to

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