September 14

Sellers Pricing Your Home Correctly

*A high price may give off the impression that you are notmotivated to sell. You might think, "Well... we can just drop the pricelater." Well... yes, but sometimes the impact of this is not seen aswell as pricing to the market straight out of the gate. Pricereductions can be overlooked - flyers and emails announcing theadjustment can fall into a pile of other real estate marketing mail. An initial high list price may also make buyers wonder if the pricewas reduced because something was found wrong with the home,it may suggest a unrealistic seller with whom there may be somedifficulty getting a deal closed with, and it may keep your home onthe market so long people wonder why it hasn't sold. Even for unique homes, price to the market to get people in thedoor, so they can get to see all the special features of your home. On the other hand, a low list price may raise questions as to why theprice is so low, and get dismissed by potential buyers.


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