October 24

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Schedule regularmaintenance Peace of mind After Closing Checklist Kelly Chavers, REALTOR® Coldwell Banker | Hartung (850) 212-1727 chaversk@gmail.com TallyDigs.com Update paperwork Change all locks Hire a pest controlcompany Secure closingdocuments and otherimportant papers USPS.com Mortgage/ rental company Banks Schools Investment accounts Utilities Lawyer IRS & other tax agencies Social Security Admin Home/ renters insurance Loan providers Friends/ family Health/ car insurance Doctors Past employers (W2s) Homestead yourproperty with the localproperty appraiser Clean the gutters Meet the neighbors Hire a fireplace expert Change or clean filters- HVAC, oven hood,dishwasher,microwave, etc Find the main watershut off Get windowtreatments - blinds,curtains, etc Turn on the utilities/cable/ waste Change your addressat the followingplaces: Cable/ Internet Home/ cellular phone Credit cards Subscriptions Online shopping sites Shopping clubs Newspaper DMV


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New FHFA Loan Limit at $647,000

New FHFA Loan Limit at $647,000