June 4

Kelly Chavers Realtor Tallahassee Real Estate Home Owner Maintenance Checklist by Season

HOME MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Maintaining your home properly will save you time, frustration, and money. It has been said that for every $1 you spend on home maintenance, you save $100 on future repairs. As you read through, consider which tasks are best suited for a local professional service provider. In addition, millions are hospitalized each year due to accidents at home, so it is important to be extremely careful to only perform the tasks you are 100% knowledgeable of. ALWAYS check the manufacturer specifications and recommendations. MONTHLY ▢ Change out your HVAC filters and dust vents ▢ Clean the garbage disposal ▢ Clean oven hood/ microwave filters ▢ Inspect your fire extinguisher gauges ▢ Check the water softener salt level ▢ Clean faucet spouts and showerheads ▢ Unclog tub and sink drains ▢ Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors ▢ Inspect electrical cords for frayed wiring QUARTERLY On average, homeowners will spend 1%-4% of a home's value annually on maintenance and repairs, which tend to increase as the house ages. ▢ Test garage door auto-reverse feature as well as safety motion sensors ▢ Test the water-heater pressure and temperature-relief valve ▢ Clean/ lubricate major appliances per the manufacturer’s instructions ▢ Treat for pests Kelly Chavers, Realtor® | Coldwell Banker Hartung | (850) 212-1727 | chaversk@gmail.com | TallyDigs.com SPRING ▢ Check the exterior drainage and clean out gutters ▢ Closely inspect the exterior of your home (paint, decks, roof, etc) ▢ Trim trees/ shrubs ▢ Clean windows, doors, and screens ▢ Dust lighting fixtures/ fans ▢ Inspect the septic tank ▢ Inspect exterior windows/ doors ▢ Inspect kitchen and bathroom caulking ▢ Clean washer and dryer hoses/ vents ▢ Clean the chimney ▢ Fertilize the lawn ▢ Perform any desired landscaping ▢ Treat outdoor wood to protect against wood rot ▢ Check pool equipment ▢ Hose off or pressure wash exterior (depending on the building material of your home) Kelly Chavers, Realtor® | Coldwell Banker Hartung | (850) 212-1727 | chaversk@gmail.com | TallyDigs.com 3 SUMMER ▢ Inspect plumbing ▢ Take care of any insect problems (they love summer) ▢ Clean garage ▢ Oil garage-door opener, chain, door, and hinges ▢ Clean refrigerator and freezer coils drip trays ▢ Inspect dishwasher ▢ Inspect kitchen and bathroom cabinets ▢ Inspect toilets ▢ Replace faucet, showerhead, and garden hose washers ▢ Seal tile grout ▢ Increase the height of your lawn mower setting ▢ Make a plan to water plants/ grass often ▢ Make a plan to clean pool often ▢ Inspect the sprinkler system ▢ Reverse the ceiling fan settings to counterclockwise ▢ Service HVAC ▢ Check the inventory and expiration dates of your safety items, first aid kit, and emergency preparedness kit 4 Kelly Chavers, Realtor® | Coldwell Banker Hartung | (850) 212-1727 | chaversk@gmail.com | TallyDigs.com FALL ▢ Check the heating system ▢ Rake leaves and aerate the lawn ▢ Touch up paint and trim ▢ Clean gutters ▢ Tune up major home appliances ▢ Clean cloth surfaces (carpets, rugs, couches, etc) ▢ Inspect exterior door hardware ▢ Plant perennials ▢ Start collecting firewood ▢ Clean and cover pool ▢ Inspect driveway and walkways for cracks 5 WINTER ▢ Turn off and flush outdoor faucets/ hoses/ sprinkler systems ▢ Check all screws (handles, knobs, racks, etc) ▢ Check all locking mechanisms (windows, doors, etc) ▢ Decrease the height of your lawn mower setting ▢ Reverse the ceiling fan settings to clockwise ▢ Flush out the water heater ▢ Service HVAC ▢ On cold nights run the water at various spouts at a drip pace and keep the cabinet doors below opened for warm air circulation HIBERNATION


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